angelshavethepie asked:

If someone has never work contacts before, can they still order these and is there a possibility of the contacts being to big or small?

Their made to fit the average eye and even if its too big or small its typically never an issue if you follow the instructions properly. However there are circumstances that I cannot comment on, so talking with your Eye Doctor will be far more helpful than I could possibly be. I can tell you though that I rarely have any complaints.

tay63098 asked:

Hi! I'm Taylor! And I'm the girl you reblogged with the purple contacts and blue lips. I would just like to thank you for noticing and being awesome! I was also followed by your lovely team on insta and I was freaking out. I love your products and I WILL be buying more very soon!

:-D you’re more than welcome! Thank you for posting that pic and, also thank you for posting and tagging camoeyes on instagram! :-D

Why were you freaking out out over lil ol camoeyes? :-p jk hah

Take care!